By Willy Gerhold

The key idea of Bring The Fresh 2012 is to build niche websites which are tailor made to generate traffic from Google, at no cost, day by day to what you are about to sell, so that you can earn some extra cash on selling other people stuff for commission, or website area for advertisement fee. Bring The Fresh 2012 was designed by two business people Kelly Felix and Mike Long back in 2010. It is a details procedure how to make money online. After you built the money making website, you could leave it and earn money for you in autopilot, so that you can repeat it again and again to grow your business.

In the past 10 years, two gentlemen has been working on the same thing and earn a very good income. Now they are to disclose the exact information and they learned in the past decade in Bring The Fresh 20120. Firstly Mike Long is the chief architect and sponsor of a number of successful internet business in the area of online gaming, online dating and internet marketing. Besides he helped to build a very lucrative online business with over millions of dollars in sales.

Kelly Felix designed the brand Rich Jerk in 2005 and sold over millions of dollars. It was one of the hottest product by that time. Kelly works as an actor and later transform himself becoming a full time internet marketing expert. He mainly create websites that sell his own information products, or earn commissions on selling other people stuff. One of the well-known websites reveal is a bad credit information website. It made nearly millions in profit and later sold in Ebay for USD 350,000 in cash.

There are a number of success stories in the discussion board of Bring The Fresh 2012. They are real people building websites according to the same system and made real cash. Mike's famous website on stock trading ranking as top 3 in google, and it now worth over half a million. Rick constantly built website on a specific niche and earn over $200,000 in 6 month period. While the most successful guy Greg, who joined Bring The Fresh 2012 a while ago, built websites on various niche and sell them one by one, for $5,000 each. Altogether he is making over $80,0000 a month on building and selling website according to Bring The Fresh 2012 style.

If you want to learn making money online and learn from the people with over 10 years of internet marketing experience, Bring The Fresh 2012 is the program that you could consider. It is a program combining search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and internet marketing. The program membership is life time for one payment USD 97 only.

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