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Different social media platforms must be used for an effective marketing campaign of any business today. When it comes to social media, there are so many options. However, you need to be an active user and participant in order to use social media properly for business promotion. Just like Instapaper and Delicious, Stumbleupon is another great social media network. With the help of this platform, one can share and save the links to articles. The Stumble toolbar is very helpful for users to find articles of their interest. Along with that, users can also vote for the posts, videos, blogs, images and articles that they like.

How Stumbleupon Can Be Used

Those who have already used different social media networks will find Stumbleupon very easy to use.

1. Go to the home page of

2. Its free to sign up as a user and then create your own business profile

3. Stumble toolbar can be downloaded in your browser

Stumbleupon will only be helpful for you if you have decided to use it actively for marketing your products or services. If you want your website to get noticed and start receiving ratings, it must be "stumbled upon". That's the main reason why you have to work hard and not just make a profile and stay inactive. You must also know that Stumbleupon has user policies that are to be followed if you want to use their network. If you own an online business and you are found focusing on promoting your website only, it will be termed as spamming and you can be kicked out. So, it is really important to engage with the community.

You can sign up for the paid deliver program if you want to use the site for promotional purpose. Those people who are looking for new sites, will see results of your website in that case.$0.10 is charged when someone clicks on your link, you might opt for up gradation to increase your link popularity.

How to Leverage Your Presence in Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon has some really great things to offer for promoting your business online. In order to make your business name appear as a brand and make it popular, you need to follow the guidelines given below.

1.) Customize your Page

Consider uploading avatar and revealing your identity and expressing yourself to people in the general section. Also, share with the community your interests so that when people are browsing, they may discover you. Don't make your page resemble a sales page, but it should be rich in quality content and visuals.

2.) Joining Communities Having Common Business Interests

If you want to serve out pages to the right people, the ones that are truly interested in you, then join a like-minded community. Joining targeted communities will help you generate desirable traffic. An easier way to get noticed is to submit pages to Stumbleupon engine for indexing. Pages that relate to a target group will be effectively served to the groups in your category.

Stumbleupon helps Drive Traffic to Your Website

Running an online business means that you want to drive traffic towards the website that you own. You can get access to online market that is quite expansive through different ways. Stumbleupon is no doubt a best marketing tool to achieve this goal if you use it properly. If you use the right resources available online, the traffic of your websites can be increased from a few hundred to tens of thousands in a few months easily.

The network can be used to bring traffic towards your website, images, videos and affiliate pages besides arranging the favorites. For example, if an item is termed as favorite by you in your profile, it will get attention of your whole community. Stumbleupon badges are available to put on your website so you can get attention of other people easily. You can get a free HTML code to paste on your page/ website so if someone wants to add your site in their profile, he can do so. If you get dedicated users, they will help promote your pages and website on Stumbleupon if the material is relevant to their interests. Along with badge, Stumbleupon toolbar can also be used.


Smart marketing techniques are important when it comes to social media. The concept of attracting customers has become out dated now as social media offers you to engage with your customers effectively. With the help of Stumbleupon not only you can get more traffic on your site but also a group of loyal customers too.

Stumbleupon is really a powerful tool and you should consider following tips while promoting your content through this network.

*) Never give vote to yourself

*) Keep focusing on creating quality content

*) Make friends within the community

*) Your avatar should be outstanding to represent your business

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