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The Google updates and algorithms are moving at a fast pace. Thus, to match up that pace, one needs to have good knowledge of search engine optimisation. Again some constructive and well-planned strategies need to accompany that knowledge. So, let us check out what the different experts on this field from across the globe think about this. Their opinions will even be able to help you check out whether our thought process and understanding of the same, so far, has gone in the correct direction. Their suggestions can even make us do any necessary corrections, if required, to our own SEO strategies of 2012.

Let's check out the observations of some of the famous SEO experts of the world. Their inputs on this year's strategies, accompanied by their respective names, are mentioned below:

Rand Fishkin (CEO of SEOmoz), according to whom, to maintain top ranks in the different search engines in this year, you need to come out of the old school processes. Rather than sticking to link building and keyword research, you need to include social media, content marketing, branding and various other online marketing strategies to your planning.

Next we will read about Dr. Peter J. Meyers, the User Effect's President. Dr. Meyers thinks the Google Panda of the year 2011 is sure to have taught a good lesson about more is always not better. As per his suggestions, the websites need to create unique content. Over-indexing the website pages is not included in his suggestions. Instead, near-duplicates, true duplicates and thin contents have to be burnt.

Regarding this, Will Critchlow, the distilled, smarter online marketing's founder, believes code will be the new content. Mr. Critchlow is looking forward to witness the achievement of the bunch of links and shares by the interactive data visualizations.

According to Danny Dover, who is's SEO consultant and author, the simple tag optimisations, link buildings as well as writing comments has been surpassed by the modern concept of search engine optimisation. It presently involves the entire site experience. Thus, to stay safe, the websites have to focus on the varied marketing channels such as PPC or pay per click, e-mail, social media etc. He foresees the online education sector will witness a remarkable growth in this year.

Let's see what Bas van den Beld, the blogger, speaker and owner of the State of Search, has to say about this. As per Beld's suggestions, content needs to be shared as much as possible. The more it gets shared on the social networks, the more will it go up in the personalized SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages. Apart from that, your snippets need to be optimized.

Ann Smarty, the owner of MyBlogGuest, assures that websites, who have always focused on quality and content, need not worry. However, she has asked to play safe by creating fresh content. It will help you track hot trends in this field.

According to Aaron Wall, the founder of the SEObook, utilizing any of the promoted brands might fetch you high ranks than building websites from the scratch. Nowadays, many people are found to build business models, which depend on being Facebook or YouTube's eHow. Additionally, the individual products can be listed on the popular sites like Amazon or eBay for sale.

Now, let us check what Neil Patel, the co-founder of the Crazy Egg and the blogger of the Quick Sprout, has opined about this. He says links need not be built too quickly. A too fast paced growth, actually, hinders the achievement of top rankings. Thus, instead of running after quantity, one needs to go slow and concentrate more on quality.

Justin Briggs, the SEO Manager of the Big Fish Games and a famous blogger, thinks that the different search engines are forwarding beyond the pages as well as the algorithms at the domain level. Thus, he advises to search for the development of those search algorithms, which are entity specific. This needs to be accompanied by a concentration on brand building, AuthorRank or AgentRank building etc.

Tom Critchlow, the Vice-President of Operations NYC of the distilled, has suggested focusing on the engagement of users. Mr. Critchlow is expecting to witness a bit weakening of the metrics, which are based on links. More emphasis will, however, be given on the different user metrics.

Summary: According to the SEO professionals from all over the world, quality needs to be focused on more than quantity in 2012. The present strategies of search engine optimisation need not be based on the classic processes.

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