By Eric Trusty

Why does SEO have to be so complicated? Well, most of it is because of continuing misinformation that is spread around online by not-always-reputable companies aiming to grab a piece of the market's pie. More often than not, these fly-by-night operations are here today, gone tomorrow. But while they exist, they have a remarkable way of creating noticeable static and confusion about SEO.

Today, let's look at a couple of things that can be confusing and set the truth straight...

Question One: Can I do SEO myself?

The answer to this one is indeed yes. SEO, like anything, can be learned and developed to proficiency by pretty much anyone. Whether or not it's worth your time to learn and invest your full attention to getting the process down is totally a matter of choice. Many busy professionals and entrepreneurs simply find it more practical and effective to outsource the task to pros that can handle it super efficiently (with a positive ROI, of course).

Question Two: What about that email I received that said they can get me number one search results?

There's more to the story. First, never trust spammers. Secondly, anyone can get you number one results for an obscure term or two. Simply by having your page live with that obscure term, it will most likely achieve those exact same top results on its own, completely automatically.

The next part of the story is the fact that most legit SEO providers will never guarantee they can get you number one results. Reputable SEO providers know that this is completely impossible to guarantee something that is out of our control-the search engines can rank your site however they want, and there is no third party that can change their mind.

Question Three: So what about the promise of the results you expect or your money back?

This is completely up to the SEO company. If they want to offer your money back if you're not satisfied, that's up to them. Again, please remember that it is just not possible to actually guarantee specific search results for real search terms-if they guarantee them, you should find out how they plan to back up their claims. And also, be sure to check them out to make sure they're good for their promises. Most of the time, this will be impossible.

It's almost always better to work with legit SEO pros that are realistic about results and time frames of achieving those results. Look for testimonials and references too-these will certainly help divide the pros from those just out for a quick buck.

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