By Nathan Sloan

What you can do with this SEO tool is simply find out what your competitors very best keywords are straight away and then take them out in your own highly targeted campaigns.

The first section is called Google Keywords and this lets you type in any website and find out all of the keywords that they are ranking for instantly.

You will then know which ones that you could potentially go for without having to take in months testing and tracking.

Similar to the last tool there is a Pay Per Click version as well. Semrush will give you a PDF report of people full Adwords campaigns.

Again you can instantly get all of the keywords used by any website that has an Adwords campaign. I am very surprised that more people don't do this. This is priceless data.

It's the strategy of letting your competitor spend 2 years and thousands of dollars finding the very best keywords and then you just begin to use them for your own campaign.

How would you like to know how much traffic a particular website is getting? Another way to put it is, is what this website doing working?

Again this goes hand in hand with reverse engineering the competition.

You want to emulate what the best people are doing in your market and avoid the people who do not know what they are doing. This will show you who are doing things right.

The last section of Semrush shows you how to mine hidden keywords. The 'Find Hidden Keywords' section will give you a list of what your hidden keywords are.

The 'Find Hidden Keywords' section will give you a list of what your hidden keywords are. You then simply find which have a high CPC (what a lot of people are after and bidding on) and then get them to position 1.

This is one of the fastest ways to put 20% more profit in to your bank.

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