By Abel Pardo

Market research is the new tool for digital marketers, or maybe not so new. One of the key Problems faced by a Digital Promoting Expert is an absence of info and absence of planning and a consequence you'll find enormous gaffes often occur with major implications for the work that needs to be developed. You have to identify required Markets, particularly when arranging a Digital Promoting Plan or Social Media.

These reasons are valid both for those working in web development, S.E.O, Pay per click or in any branch of Web Marketing specifically or generally.

You should have a Consumer Preference Research

We must know what sort of customer we go, and also how to sell something you should first know the demand. To understand our competition will tell us how we play division, so market research is more than interesting, a need.

If you don't know the parts of the sales mix - product, price, placement and promotion- you can't change them, and there's where you can act.

The macro environment can't be sundry, so market research will help you in this area. By the way, it's well known that Micro environment is just answerable for many disasters because "I didn't know it"; Market research shows you how to act .

Monitoring, controlling, selling

It's quite helpful for a market research to follow these steps:

- If we monitor and control product, price, promotion and distribution will take advantage of positive market conditions and fall precipitously when negative conditions.
- Without knowing the market we could find something we didn't expected.
- If you do not know the company's competitive situation can hardly improve, Our competitors do make market analysis

Web Marketing is a science, and by the way, web marketing research has its own rules and its own "way of life". This is the key for a good Digital Marketing.

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