By Nathan Sloan

If you are wanting to try out SEM Rush then this quick post is for you. It is a great tool for quickly boosting your online profits by uncovering hidden keywords.

It can also show you the keywords which you are missing out on which you can easily rank for.

The good news is that 90% of businesses still do not even know this tool exists which gives you a massive opportunity to take full advantage before it becomes mainstream.

A main part of business is reacting to what the competing websites are doing. You do need a certain level of undercover analysis.

SEM Rush can either download your competitors best SEO keywords or their PPC keywords so you can quickly see which ones they are spending the most money on. This is great because your competitors have basically spent the money and done all the hard work for you.

You can then build a campaign straight on the money keywords. This is a very effective low risk strategy that can lead to fast profits.

How would you like to know which keywords you are on the bottom of page 1 for that you didn't even know about?

You have keywords which can be quickly optimized. With a keyword list that you already rank for, you just need to know which ones are going to be profitable. This will tell you which keywords are profitable.

This is so much more effective than trying to rank brand new pages. This too is a very effective low risk strategy.

As with any business tool that you use, the aim of the game is to get the tool paying for itself as fast as you can.

With the two strategies mentioned above this should be quite straight forward for you to do. There are basically two main membership prices.

For the everyday online marketer the $70 membership would suit. For the big SEO firms the 'Guru' membership is $149.95.

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