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Truste is online privacy seal which ensures the internet security of the site. This foundation was formed in 1997 by Charles Jennings and Lori Fena. Today lots of experts are associated with this organization to secure internet privacy. Some important tips for online privacy according to this organization are:

Truste provides you a secure channel of data transfer over the internet. It enables a service that protects your information irrespective of online channels like email, social networking site, and mobile apps, cloud networking etc. You can avail the services of Truste from sitting anywhere in the globe. Position is not a problem to access Truste services; it offers extensive international expertise, EU Harbor certification.

Trustmark: Before giving personal information one should check the trust mark of the website. In this case Truste web seal is one of the best in this business but one can find other reputable Trustmark like McAfee, VeriSign etc which ensure the practice and security of consumer in business websites. These security services provide better encryption and protection of user's data. To check the authenticity or details about security seal one can click on it and check the official website of security seal owner.

Financial Transaction and Password: Financial transaction is most sensitive and insecure transaction of e-business. People generally use two types of transaction- PayPal and Credit Card. If one can't trust the website, his credit card number should not be given. Truste prefers temporary credit card where credit card number directly link the user bank account but financial transaction is valid for limited period. In fact user can use a temporary credit card number for a single transaction. Password holds a big security issue for user. It is the main key of access to user account. One may be followed security rule of Microsoft to create strong password. According to Microsoft "Online Privacy & Safety" password should consist eight or more characters and use uncommon letters, numbers, symbol and punctuation in password.

Anti-virus and Browser Privacy Set up: People intentionally or unintentionally download several files or application in their personal computer but it is not necessary that all of them come from authentic source. Trojans and spyware can acquire personal information of user to protect from this kind of threats and Truste recommend using repudiated and updated Anti-virus. User can also personalize privacy set up of browser for limited access.

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