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NOTE: If you're a seasoned web marketer and also you're being affected by your online business, this program is for you TOO.

Step #1. Discover the Basics Of Making Your Own Web Site

Your own internet site is a huge part of your web business that can make money for you online. Sadly, a big majority of Internet newbies look for profitable opportunities Rather than learning the basic principles of creating a website. Follow the methods of these chance seekers and you may constantly look for 'shiny objects' in the Internet. And the Internet is full of gleaming objects.

Step # 2. Promote A Product Within your Website That may Generate Passive/Recurring Revenue For You

Let's say you sell something in your website that does NOT generate Passive/Recurring revenue for you, you usually 'have to be there' to be able to earn your revenue online. Here's a good example... if you're selling physical products online, you are the packaging division, shipping section, customer support : all rolled into 1. It would be Even worse than a regular job. It's like owning a convenience shop. If you went on vacation, you'd drop revenues every day you're away.

Here's an illustration of this Passive/Recurring income merchandise online:

A subscription Site -- A web site that gives services or products to members in return for a continuing fee. As an associate and affiliate marketer of a account site, once i refer an individual and turns into a member of the particular membership website, I get paid out a portion (50%) from the membership charge - month after month - so long as that person I introduced remains a member. It is a fantastic way for beginners to earn Passive/Recurring earnings online.

Here is a basic online marketing system regarding Affiliates:

When just beginning, the skills you learned within STEP #1 will probably be applied in producing your own marketing and advertising system to promote the product (in this instance, the account site) on the web. The marketing system need to include...

1. Your own personal internet site which usually could be a Blog or perhaps a Squeeze Page or even a combination of the two.

2. Your Giveaway which is valuable to your potential audience.

3. Weekly E-newsletter sent automatically through an Email autoresponder to your email list.

These 'tools' come together to offer you any set-it-and-forget-it online marketing method.

Step # 3. Enhance Your Website For The Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is simple should you merely follow the suggestions of those who have experienced some good results with the Search engine marketing of their website. SEO Suggestion... A rewarding website begins with the RIGHT URL of your website.

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