By Victoria Caldwell

SEO can get your site to the top of search website results. What if people don't click the link to your internet site? This is a small issue you can easily overcome. Just write page titles and descriptions that best explain the content of your website. Done right folk will click thru to your internet site, 95 out of a hundred times they see your website listed.

Write it Like PPC Advertisements

If you've got good experience writing and testing Pay per click adverts, you will have no problem writing best performing SEO titles and outlines. The single difference is, you have got more space for your text. You can write longer headings and outline lines.

Writing Page Titles

Write a completely unique meta title for each and every page of your website. The title best summarises the content of the page. Use up to a couple keywords in the title. Search results will display titles up to 70 characters long. However , keep the titles shorter than fifty characters including spaces for better results.

Ensure you use a keyword in the title. Nonetheless don't fill your title with keywords. Describe the benefit people will get when they visit your internet site.

Writing Page Descriptions

You can write page outlines up to 160 characters long, including spaces. Google and other search engines will display outlines that long in full. Today, Google displays longer outlines, especially in blog and news searches. But the best chance is short outlines that moderately summarizes the contents of the page.

You need to use a up to 2 keywords in the description. The best S.E.O friendly description has two short sentences, each with a keyword or 2. It also invites clicks with a solid benefit.

Your SEO plans will get you to the top of search site results pages. Optimise your titles and outlines. That's the simplest way to getting more people to click your link.

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