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It's not unusual to find big brands being penalised by Google because of engagement in black hat SEO. One particular incident, the JC Penney controversy, raised growing alarms for the widespread preference for the dark art of black hat SEO. An even more alarming note here is that relied on the services of a notorious SEO firm.

The desire of the majority of companies to own Google's top spot may mean several dangers. Sometimes, this overwhelming desire can be out of control particularly when they choose to work with just anyone who pretends to know search engine optimisation. Because the Web is a breeding ground of scammers and spammers, this mindset cannot be tolerated. When searching for an SEO provider, let utmost caution and pragmatic thinking inspire you. You can't just accept any offer without getting to know your SEO partner!

What do you lose when you are committing this mistake? Everything. You are not only endangering your online image, you're also literally giving away money that these companies clearly do not deserve!

They often say that prevention is better than cure. In this case, this is particularly true. Before you hire, take time to sift through your options, understand the proficiencies of your aspiring SEO partners on your list and find out whether or not they have the proficiencies to amplify your rankings with speed and efficiency.

Here are two statements that tell you that an SEO firm is flagrant and unfit to work with.

They have a secret relationship with Google. This is completely false. They only think they have a relationship with Google but the truth is, they don't. Google does not rely on payments and connections to mold their organic ranking results.

They have secret SEO methods that work. Keep an eye on anything offered that bears the word secret. In the SEO industry, nothing is secret. Google has carefully laid down every guideline and every rule that's beneficial to Internet marketers. So if an SEO company tells you they have secret optimisation techniques that do instant magic to your site rankings and web designing offerings, don't listen.

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