By Brent Peterson

Many people think that SEO is just search engine optimization. From outside the world of internet marketing the difference between what is considered good SEO and what is considered bad SEO might not be too apparent. What most business owners care about is the bottom line. Is their website on page one or in one of the tops spots for a chosen high money keyword?

While it might be tempting at times to use bad SEO methods or to try to push the envelope when testing and discovering what works when it comes to different methods of search engine optimization, these methods can sometimes have unpredictable results. What is considered good can often fall out of favor and cost you dearly in the long run. While SEO is changing and evolving all the time, the old tried and true methods of search engine optimization or search engine marketing still work but that's the problem. These methods do require some work.

There really is no reward in any aspect of life without hard work. This can also be said about search engine optimization. Getting quality backlinks from websites that hold authority in your niche while providing quality content for readers isn't easy. Hour upon hour of thinking, learning and writing articles that are then submitted to other websites in the hope of gaining a few high PR backlinks can get tiresome and frustrating. In the end though, all that hard work will pay off and you will be able to reap the fruits of your labor. In time, all of that hard work will result in high search engine rankings thanks to the quality backlinks. These backlins are worth hundreds if not thousands of times more than low PR backlinks that anyone can get that might actually be gone tomorrow after a big change in the rules from search engines like we have seen in recent times. Ask me how I know!

Manual review of websites is becoming more and more commonplace. How would you feel if you money site that you just spent three months building suddenly was sent to the unsearchable bottom of the rankings due to some sketchy SEO practices of an oursourcer? How would you feel if a client's website suddenly disappeared one day because you tried blasting backlinks at it using a new piece of SEO software? There goes several months of hard work down the drain and perhaps even your reputation.

There really is no substitute for good SEO practices and hard work. For those of you that aren't afraid of hard work this is good news. Even if there is a big algorithm change and you find that your site suddenly slips in the rankings, solid SEO and a good backlinking strategy that is based upon providing good content to internet readers can actually save you when others are hanging their heads wondering what to do. More than once I've seen one of my sites dance or slip during an algorithm change only to come back stronger than ever. Also, thanks to providing good content to article directories and authority blogs, my traffic usually stayed about the same because my article actually wound up ranking well in the place of my sites.

Giving your readers good quality content that they can use will always pay off. It doesn't matter if it's just for the search engine optimization benefits or the good will that you want to give to your clients. Hard work will always pay off. Stick to solid SEO practices and work hard and you will achieve high search engine rankings. Stay away from methods that appear too good to be true and you will win out in the end.

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