By Harold Shores

The notion of mobile revolution appears to grow bigger day by day. Certainly, mobile trends have soared to greater heights, high enough to gain the attention of global audiences. Truth is, since 2009, the number of users surfing the Internet via mobile phone has increased dramatically, thrice the initial variable! The rationale behind the rise of mobile Web users, as most online specialists say, lies in the rapid boom of Web-enabled mobile gadgets. Experts also posit that mobile expansion bares the great need to make the Internet available to mobile users.

The mobile revolution makes online business owners and entrepreneurs realise the need to craft mobile versions of websites. With the mobile's spurred growth, it seems perfectly logical to modify websites to fit the small scale of most mobile gadgets. Website owners should therefore heed the call to transform web sites into mobile-friendly platforms too!

Apparently, web designers and developers are embracing the idea of creating web sites for mobile devices. This new realm, however, calls for a deeper level of exploration and attention from web designers and developers as designing web sites for mobile users presents a unique set of challenges and situations that should be approached with a creative mindset and pragmatic thinking.

So how does one create a website design for mobile devices? In the city state of Singapore, designing websites for mobile browsers is treated as a meticulous process that is completely different from building a site for desktop browsers. Mobile web design in Singapore, in order to be fully realised, entails the creation of a mobile web strategy.

Before the actual web design is strictly implemented, user profiles must be assessed to know the context of use for mobile phones. Understanding user profiles enables online professionals to recognise the purpose of mobile conversions easily. Ultimately, taking the time to examine these mobile design considerations can lead to great mobile experiences for targeted users.

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