By Steven Suchar

Social network marketing is starting to become one of the most profitable ways of earning an income on the Internet today. Some folks are making substantial incomes, while others are spinning their wheels with their efforts.

You cannot meander cavalierly into social network marketing without knowing a couple of things to become successful.

You mostly have to keep an eye fixed on your competition, this implies following and watching what they are doing. Label it spying, if you will, but it's the lowest profile way to find out the cause of their success.

You will encounter the same successful people on social networking sites constantly. Because it's a social platform, it needs persistent attention. It is the complete opposite of having an internet site.

Once you enter the arena of social networking, no one knows who you are, so part of the strategy is to build your internet character, engaging with others constantly to be sociable. You can't mix your personal life with your business life. When beginning social networking on Facebook, you should make a page for your business and keep it totally separate.

Pictures of you at a party with a beer in your hand and comments from your buddies about how great the party was, isn't going to electrify any person if they are mixed up with your business promotions. Do you understand this?

Very few people will purchase something from you, if they think that all you do is party constantly. The key is, keep your business and personal life separate as you brand yourself.

Even when you post a photograph of yourself online, make sure you are smiling. Hiding behind a sports car will do absolutely nothing for personal branding.

There is a skill to social network marketing, remember you are doing this to collect qualified leads. You are practicing attraction marketing, with intent on those leads. Think about branding yourself additionally. You are not socializing here, per say, you are constructing a business.

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