By Margaret Gonzalez

Reputation management is different from public relations. This kind of work helps to correct misinformation and minimize the effects of hurtful information about you or your company online. With no singular control over what is put on the Internet, this multifaceted protection has to cover many fronts in the battle of public perception.

If too much negative spin occurs on the Internet about you or your company, this information may appear prominently on searches people do when they are looking to read more about you or your company. This information could potentially start shaping public opinion of your work. Specialists can help you reestablish a more neutral tone.

If you have a public persona or run a business, you know how bad reviews online or bad information can be disseminated at rapid pace. As people use online sources more for information, these people also contribute their own information in terms of reviews and rankings. When these contributions go negative, you or your company could be in jeopardy.

There may be too much online for you to manage or control when it comes to what the public knows of you. With all of the various social media participants, one bad message can take off from one entity to the next. This information can quickly rise to the top of searches and news results about you. At this point, a team who can work to clear your name may be important.

Managing your appearance online means pushing an Internet search in your favor, which means going with positive news to post online and using social media with your information streamlined across all forums. Using this strategy, the more potential the news has to build on itself and present you in a positive light at the top of searches.

This type of recovery of your personal image also can help manage and solidify representation of yourself or your company. Using different Twitter handles or Facebook names can mean that you may not have a complete picture of your Internet profile. Consolidating your online representation to a single moniker can help you keep track of what is being said of you in social media.

Reputation management has grown more important as there are more opportunities for negative news to accumulate and take off in the public information sector. Whether as an individual or as a company, this manner of reorganizing information could benefit your efforts as you work to overcome bad information or misrepresentation. Make your message heard with expert guidance.

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