By Maicel Carroll

Every now and then, murmurs and groans circulate all over the Web. This particularly silent community on the Web turns into an arena of opinions when Google releases a new set of updates. This proved to be the case when Google rolled out the Penguin update last April 24, much to the surprise or horror of the online community.

So what's the talk about? It is clearly about the perceived biased of Google. Numerous entrepreneurs are lashing out the Silicon Valley monolith for two reasons: one, Google continues to issue or roll out updates without warning or without sufficient update. Two, its Penguin update hurt the performance of some good websites while other bad websites are left untouched.

Is Google responsible for the entire incident? Not really. If you're one of the victims, always remember that Google is doing its best to catch the rule breakers and criminals. Besides, it's not wise to hurl insults and negative comments while you are on the brink of being buried under a pile of sites. Before you point fingers at Google, make sure you've gone through the possible site errors that earned you a penalisation.

So where do you begin? Start off by determining the pitfalls of your campaign. Assess your goals. Were you in a hurry to get to the top? Did you settle for anything gray hat or black hat? Because if you did, you definitely need to rewire your strategy to suit Google's strict guidelines. The valuable lesson brought about by Penguin is to keep your website in good shape.

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