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What content is... In S.E.O

"Content" when we talk about SEO is more of what people think it is. The majority of people think in paragraphs, titles, images or videos. But reality is far more than that in terms of SEO and search engine optimization.

It can be considered "content" the navigability of the site, links, background photographs website, Javascript or HTML code.

Google and Bing lately also expanded its definition of "content", whereas XML schemas (PC language of brands popular on the Internet) also being considered as such, since they can identify, for example, that "$ 10" refers to $ 10, ie a price, not only a number on it.

Definitions: S.E.O

Fundamentally, SEO is all the content marketing systems that seek to make them more pertinent to Net search engines, representing a content that will be better to be found by Internet users interested in it and better for sales.

In simpler terms, we might say that those techniques apply to our content that will make your ranking seems higher in the result of engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, getting so higher levels in the posiconamiento and therefore larger number of views to our website, with a rather more handy and pertaining to your audience.

It could split the content into 2 categories. On one hand, the content implicit and explicit content other side. The implication is that content that is not in sight, it is indexed and investigated by search sites. Current S.E.O campaigns outside the explicit content and implicit also optimized.

Web generation

In the generation of web content is necessary to keep them optimised, in order to make them available to a user base growing. On the other hand, if it is true that there aren't any precise rules, there are specific tips that are applicable in any example, eg keep the content simple and straightforward, using direct and precise titles as well as the usage of markers for keywords or keywords like bold or italics, without mentioning the handling of the spelling.

Now, considering the first user interaction on the Web is a search website, do you really think that in the time of online promoting is SEO important? Don't forget to leave your comments.

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