By Victoria Caldwell

S.E.O friendly descriptions are the most read items after titles. When folks enter a keyphrase into Google, they will see a page title and a snippet displayed in the search results pages. If you have got a well-thought out outline, Google and other search websites will display that outline as the snippet below the page title.

In this article you will learn the techniques of writing forceful outlines that instantly attract prospects, increase clicks and maximize website traffic. Here's a simple formula you need to use to write S.E.O optimised page descriptions.

[Keyword] offers [benefits]. Find ways [keyword] can help [prospects].

Eg: Affiliate research tool unearths moneymaking affiliate marketing programs in each niche. Discover how affiliate research tool increases the profits of an expert affiliate marketer.

You've got a keyword optimised description for the keyword, 'affiliate research tool ' and targeted at prospects,'expert affiliate marketer' The benefit is 'unearths lucrative associate programs'.

This formula presumes you utilise a single keyword, which you need to use twice in the same description. You also identify your prospects and invite them to find what you have on offer. This is forceful description writing.

This formula works in most situations. If you'd like to use company name in the outlines, use the following formula.

[Keyphrase] by [company name]. Get [Keyword] now.

Eg: Yoga mats by YOGISHOP. Get yoga mats delivered to your doorsteps by evening.

Check Grammar: When you slide in the key phrases and prospects, it's time to edit the description for grammar and style. Bad grammar and miss-spellings can actually turn folk away.

Keep it Short and To The Point: Keep the length of the outline shorter than 160 characters including spaces. That is the maximum length most search websites are ok with.

Write SEO descriptions in this formula and you can right away see spikes in click through rates. A mixture of a nicely-crafted page title and an optimized description is highly powerful. It screams click here. Your prospects have no option but to click on the link to your website.

Using S.E.O methodologies to getting to the top of search engines is only 1/2 the story. The other half is getting folk to click on the link to your internet site. SEO optimized page titles and outlines will attract clicks at the top.

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